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Hi, I'm Caterina!  I'm a Siamese Cat that loves to dance ballet.  Many years ago, I was given to a little girl as a birthday present.  She dreamed of becoming a ballerina!  She would hide me in her bag and we would go and watch the ballet together.  When the lights went dark in the theater, I would sneak out and watch the ballet with delight.  I wanted to be like the ballerinas on stage.  Later that night, when everyone was sound asleep, I would put on the little girl's tutu and dance.  The little girl grew up and became one of the most famous prima ballerinas who performed all around the world and she took me everywhere with her.  I learned the secrets of how to become a ballerina and now I want to share my secrets with you!  So, at the end of this class, you too can begin your journey in becoming a purr-fect baby ballerina!